One of the major flaws of G+ and…  well, every social network… is not handling the case of a user re-visiting after a short period of time.  You end up seeing content you are very likely to have already seen, and practically nothing of interest.

For example:

Let’s say you’re an engineer working on a Sunday. You do some code typing, then start a build & test cycle which takes a minute or two. Not long enough to viably context switch over to doing something productive, but too long to stare blankly at the screen amazed by the pretty letters and colors. So you go to your SNOC (social network of choice) and see what’s what.

The first time, or maybe even the first 2 or 3 times, you see some interesting stuff.  Your code finishes compiling, you write some more codes into the text box, and you kick off another build & test.

Being a creature of habit, you once again visit your SNOC. You are presented a stream of things you’ve already read. Even more frustratingly: you’re presented a stream of things you’ve already read and the software running knows you’ve read them yet shows you them anyway…  despite there being an incredibly minute chance that they are of interest to you.

This is dumb.

Also, this doesn’t just happen to software typists on Stenography Sunday…  I get into this cycle occasionally at home while watching TV or waiting or whatever.

Why?!  Why wouldn’t it show me things it’d think I’m interested in, instead?!