I’ve been going through my physical DVD collection and getting rid of discs if I have a digital copy. My primary digital provider is Vudu, who makes this practically impossible to do easily — there is no way to get a list of your movies and the movie list isn’t easily searchable because it only shows poster images, not titles.

Sounds like a problem Python can solve!

I wrote a simple script that will login to Vudu and dump out a CSV of all your movies. It’ll include: title, video quality, Vudu movie ID, MPAA rating, Rotten Tomatoes score, Length, URL of poster image, release date, and a description of the movie.

It should be pretty easy to use — download it, plop in your email address and password, then run it. My Macbook Pro had all the modules I use, so I believe they should be installed by default (the only non-dist library is requests, so that would only be the possible sticking point).

View the code on gist.